Order Fulfillment and Kitting Services

PSS’ Order Fulfillment/Kitting division provides packaging and pick and pack order fulfillment services with a high level of accuracy and quick turn-around. Among others, customers include package goods manufacturers who frequently use in-store sampling programs as a way to reach the consumer. They support this industry by collating, kitting, and packing promotional materials and supplies for distribution direct to demonstrators, demonstration agencies or stores. Promotional kits often include sample products, special signage, aprons, coupons, cups, napkins, and any other material that an in-store demonstrator may require. Distribution takes place via UPS, FedEx, common carrier, or any air courier service. Other industries that this division serves are equipment and parts manufacturers. This division also provides repackaging services, where items are received in bulk and repackaged as smaller quantities into printable or non-printable sealed bags per customer needs. The Company’s warehouse is FDA registered which makes it suitable for handling and storage of shelf-stable packaged food products. Next day, and often same day, fulfillment of orders is common. Because of demographic or chain specific targeting, accurate packaging of unique items and/or coupons for use by the grocery chain or mass merchandiser is critical.



PSS offers flexible storage, order fulfillment, and repackaging solutions.  They have experience with a broad range of inventory items including equipment parts, printed materials, coupons, display signage, premium items such as apparel, backpacks, stickers, magnets, key chains, coffee mugs, golf balls and the like, often custom printed with the customer’s branding. Orders may be received either electronically or mail-in with fulfillment taking place using “best way” logistics practices. Often, inventory is received in bulk and repackaged in smaller quantities or bundles to meet order specifications that are custom to each individual order. PSS also works strategically with their clients to offer a transitional warehousing environment which facilitates depletion of legacy printed materials while enabling the client to transition to Print-On-Demand once depletion of stored materials is complete.


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