About Us

Brooks Walker and Dave Bender founded Promotion Support Services in 1989. In 2011, Lisa Belser, an employee of the company since its inception, purchased the business, making PSS a 100% Woman Owned Business.

Our Davenport, Iowa location has 65,000 square feet of FDA-registered office and warehouse space. We also maintain a geo-redundant hot site in Clinton, Iowa where our services are fully replicated.

Our Mission

We believe that by adherence to the following principles, we will create new and varied opportunities and earn the respect and support of both our clients and team-members.


  • To, at all times, conduct business with honesty, integrity, and with the best interests of our clients and team-members in mind.
  • To recognize the importance and dignity of the individual whether client, co-worker, business partner, or competitor.
  • To serve our clients by being their best and preferred provider of outsourced services.
  • To consistently meet or exceed client expectations for accuracy, reliability, and professionalism.
  • To remain true to our entrepreneurial roots by identifying unique and creative solutions to the needs of our clients and our own business practices.
  • To be flexible, moving and growing with our clients – always willing to try new things.