Printing & Mailing Services

“They are the best. They create great printed materials and mail them faster and more cost-efficiently than I ever could by myself.  They provide great insight to improve the effectiveness of the pieces I mail.  I highly endorse them for anyone’s consideration, whether it be business or personal.  Thank you”


Rock Island IL

Our Print & Mail Center provides a variety of mailing services including invoice and statement rendering, lockbox processing, direct mail, consumer promotion processing, and letter shop services. We print in black & white or color for projects big or small. We serve many different industries, including financial, education, insurance, healthcare, municipalities, trucking, advertising, security and manufacturing industries, and more.

Customized Services

Marketing Materials:

  • Booklets, pamphlets & catalogs
  • Postcards and invitations
  • Folded mailers and letters
  • Letterhead, envelopes, and business cards
  • Signage and banners
  • Collateral materials

Transactional Materials:

  • Municipal billing for water, sewer and other services
  • Billing and statements for medical practices
  • Legal notices and correspondence
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual statements
  • Financial statements and Insurance notices
  • Collection warnings and statements
  • Mortgage statements
  • Tax forms for all levels of government
Secure Solutions

At PSS, security and intelligence are the forefront of our Transactional Printing services. We focus on physical and data security, and it all starts at the front door. Our facilities have state-of-the art 24/7 security systems in place. Visitors are screened and monitored, while our personnel have extensive background checks and are beholden to a strict set of employee standards. We also utilize keycard access, alarm systems, computer log-off protocols, and verification stations for all third-party delivery services.  Our data security includes network monitoring and cyber-security measures, log monitoring, secure data transfer via SSL, malware detection programs, and mandatory data encryption and key management practices that protect data across all applications and platforms.

Fast & Efficient Processing

The Print/Mail Center utilizes CASS certified software to bar code and/or pre-sort to claim postal discounts and facilitate efficiency in the postal mail stream. We also support FedEx, UPS, and freight shipments and assist clients with mail piece design. Next day, and often same day, fulfillment of orders is common.  All materials are warehoused on-site.

Our insertion process is intelligent and accurate. We take cyber-security and identity theft seriously, which is why we have security and intelligent insertion methods in place to ensure our client’s integrity. We utilize automatic, computer-operated inserters with several layers of review to ensure 100% accuracy.  Our system makes sure that the right documents are inserted to each envelope, documented in our accounting system, and then delivered to the correct recipient.”